Animals Helped in 2023


Animals Helped All-Time

Who We Are

Polk No Kill Coalition, Inc is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers who share the vision of seeing Polk County Florida become the next Florida county to achieve “No Kill” status by 2025. Currently we have four primary officers who field requests, assess needs, coordinate action, and see it all through.

What We Do

We are currently focusing efforts toward the spay/neuter of community cats, and helping pet owners find low cost vet care.

In 2023, we will resume monthly in-person meetings for anyone to join. During those meetings we review statistics, discuss needs, set the game plan for the upcoming weeks, coordinate volunteer help, and assign tasks. We cannot wait to schedule our next meeting. Make sure you’re following our Facebook page, so you don’t miss out!

Polk No Kill Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit. We are 100% run by volunteers, which means that 100% of all money donated goes directly to saving animals. Our number one expense comes through our efforts to spay/neuter community cats. Depending on the location, it costs us between $30-$50 for each cat to get spayed or neutered, receive a rabies vaccination, and have their ear-tipped.